Chhattisgarh: Son of Congress Leader appointed as Dy collector without clearing any entrance exam

After gaining power in Chhattisgarh, In the cabinet meeting under chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel, the Congress government took a big decision. An important decision has been taken about Mahendra Karma’s son Ashish Karma. Bhupesh Baghel Government has decided to make Ashish Karma as a Deputy Collector. Significantly, Ashish is the son of Congress leader Mahendra Karma who died in the Ziram Valley attack. After coming to power, Congress has ordered an inquiry into the attack. According to the information, Ashish Karma will be given special appointment.

Chhattisgarh government has appointed the son of a late Congress leader as Deputy Collector on sympathy basis without clearing any entrance examination. Ashish Karma is currently a student of B.A(History hons.) and preparing for competitive examination in Delhi.

An Ex-IAS officer O.P Chaudhary has asked some question about this appointment of Ashish Karma. He said, ” I respect Mahendra Karma very much. After Mahendra Karma, There have been MLA, Nagar Panchayat Chairperson, representation in District Panchayat, Lok Sabha was contested from his family. All this is their place, but now the Congress government has made one of his sons directly to the Deputy Collector. Many people are accusing that Congress has taken this step of appeasement to prevent the Karma family from contesting the Lok Sabha ticket. If Mahendra Karma was there, then he would prefer to make his son a collector or a deputy collector on the basis of his ability, not under the politics of appeasement. It would have been better if the Congress government took any other means of compassion for the economic security of Karma’s family rather than doing injustice to millions of youth by appealing politics. Chaudhary said that in this environment there are some questions arising in my mind:

INJUSTICE: Is not this injustice to those millions of youth in Chhattisgarh who are trying to get the state’s highest administrative position from their qualifications for years? 

MARTYRS: Thousands of Paramilitary jawans are martyred fighting directly with Naxalites. Would their families not be suffering? Do the families of other martyrs of Ziram attack have not been hurt by this decision of appeasing of Congress government? 

General Representatives of all Parties of Bastar and common tribal siblings are being affected daily by Maoist violence. Hundreds of tribal children who have been orphaned with Naxal violence are studying for their better future in school of Dentewada City . Is this decision of Congress government not with all these people?

In the Chhattishgarh PSC examination, for the Deputy Collector, one seat for general category, two for the ST and zero posts for the SC-OBC have been allocated. There are only three posts of deputy collector. In such a way, Is this step of appeasement of Congress Government not injustice to the youth of Chhattisgarh? “

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