China deploys more than 100 missile launchers to border area bordering India

China has deployed more than 100 missile launchers to the border area bordering India, in the context of India deploying three regiments of M777 artillery along the border between the two countries.
The South China Morning Post (SCMP) quoted a source close to the Chinese military as saying that China has deployed more than 100 long-range missile launchers to the border area bordering India, amid bilateral negotiations.

“The People’s Liberation Army has deployed more than 100 PCL-181 light self-propelled artillery systems mounted on trailers along the border with India. The range of this Chinese-developed launcher is twice that of grenades. Indian M777 cannon,” the source said.

“The latest developments of border negotiations with India remind the Chinese military to be more vigilant as winter is approaching,” the source added.

Accordingly, the Chinese military’s increased defense is in response to the Indian army’s deployment of three M777 artillery regiments along the Line of Actual Control (LAC), and to prepare for severe winter weather. harsh in the Himalayas.

At a round of border talks between the two countries in early October, Chinese military commanders failed to convince the Indian side to withdraw more troops from the strategic Depsang area.

China, India deploy many weapons to the border area

In recent months, both sides have reinforced border defenses with short-range weapons.

In September, Indian media reported that the army used helicopters to bring the M777 artillery system to the border, while other heavy artillery was transported by road.

On the Chinese side, state broadcaster CCTV reported in August that PCL-181 artillery batteries had been deployed to the border area. In addition, the country also equips long-range launchers in high terrain areas in the west of the country.

Earlier, in April, CCTV reported that another artillery brigade, equipped with PCL-191 rocket system with a longer range than PCL-181, was sent to an area with an altitude of more than 5,200 m. compared to sea level in Xinjiang.

Macau-based military expert Antony Wong Tong said China has an advantage over India in terms of powerful short- and long-range launchers in the border area.

“In terms of weapons and equipment, the Chinese military has the upper hand, but the most challenging enemy in winter is not weapons, but the weather,” Wong said.
Both sides stocked up on supplies to prepare for the harsh winter

With no immediate solution and winter approaching, the Chinese and Indian militaries have started stocking up on supplies, as the area will be difficult to reach during the winter, according to SCMP .

Beijing-based military expert Zhou Chenming revealed that to be able to “feed troops for up to four months”, China has increased grain storage for the winter at frontline observation posts along the Line of Actual Control. (LAC) before supply lines were cut in November.

“The first priority of the Chinese soldiers is to learn how to survive on their own in the winter,” Zhou said.

Rajeev Ranjan Chaturvedy, associate professor at Nalanda University, said the Indian army has also made careful preparations for this winter’s deployment.

“India pays a lot of attention to the numerical disparity with the Chinese military. So India’s focus is on using technology,” Rajeev said, adding that the Indian military has a lot of experience in this field. adaptation to winter weather conditions.

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