China hardens on extremist Muslims, ordered to surrender in 30 days

China’s administration has hardened against Uyghur Muslims in their province of Xinjiang. The Chinese government has asked those hardcore people to surrender within 30 days, which are promoting terrorism, separatism and fanaticism. Here for a long time, China is pressurizing Uyghar Muslims to stop their religious activity. In the past, there has been news that China has kept millions of youths in a camp from here. They are planning to separate from their religion on the pretext of Communism of China.

China has now started targeting such groups here, who want to promote fanaticism and terrorism in Xinjiang with foreign help. Now China has made it clear by showing such people that they have to surrender to the police within 30 days. If they surrender and accept their crime, then the administration will be less vigilant against them and will try that they have the least punishment. About this, the city’s administration has posted a message on its official social media account.

After hardened against the Uyghur Muslims, China is getting criticized all over the world. The eyes of many foreign agencies have also grown up over Beijing. But China itself has denied these allegations. According to the government order, ‘All those who are involved in terrorism related crimes or are being influenced by extremism, separatism and terrorism, are ordered to surrender. Such people are ordered to surrender within 30 days, accept their crime and provide the facts.

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