China’s share in Diwali idol market has fallen from 80% to 10%

Nowadays Indian buyers are giving preference Indian products over the Chinese products. The same thing has been seen this year on the occasion of Diwali where share of Chinese idols in Delhi Diwali market has fallen from 80% to 10% in last 5 years.

According to Trader organisation, Sellers are selling products with ‘Made in India’ tag over the ‘Made in China’ tag. This year Traders have imported less idols of gods from China and due to this, Price of Chinese products have become high. The Indian made idols are less costly than Chinese made idols of God this year. This is main reason behind the less selling of chinese idols in this Diwali.

Now Indian idol makers are using the same technique which China uses to make idols. By using this technique, Idols makers of India have flooded the Diwali market with Indian made idols with less price than Chinese Idols.

The fall in demand of Chinese product is due to anti-china product demonstration in Delhi last year. The effect of that demonstration can been seen in this Diwali. Traders and Sellers are also not ordering/selling Chinese product due to fall in demand.

Nowadays Indian products are as good as Chinese products and Indian products are also 30-40 percent less costly than Chinese products.

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