Chinese Choppers Spotted Near LAC In Ladakh, IAF Rushed Fighter Jets At LAC In Ladakh

After the face-off between Indian & Chinese troops, Tension has increased at the India-China border. China’s military helicopters were found to be flying near the Ladakh LAC.

Indian Air Force (IAF) deployed its fighter planes on the Line of Actual Control (LAC) after Chinese military helicopters were seen flying close to the Indian territory.

Recently, there was a confrontation between Indian and Chinese soldiers in North Sikkim, in which members of both sides suffered minor injuries. During this time, Indian and Chinese army personnel became aggressive, in which some suffered minor injuries. However, the troops were later removed after negotiations at the local level.

According to sources, As soon as the movement of Chinese helicopters started, Indian fighter jets were rushed to the border areas in the Ladakh sector. Indian Air Force fighter aircraft took off from the nearest base camp. At the moment, Chinese helicopters have not violated the Indian airspace.

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