Colonel Ashutosh Sharma, Two Time Gallantry Medal Winner, Lost His Life In Handwara Encounter

The commanding officer, Colonel Ashutosh Sharma, was commanding the 21-Rashtriya Rifles. On Friday, as soon as Colonel Ashutosh came to know about the hiding of the terrorists, he went out for a search operation while leading his team. But the house where the information about the hiding of the terrorists was found, they were not actually there.

After this, Colonel Ashutosh Sharma entered the other house to surround the terrorists and unfortunately the terrorists were actually hiding there. On Saturday afternoon, the officers taking command from outside lost contact with the commanding officer. Finally, the body of all the people was recovered from a house on Sunday. The dead body of five security personnel including two terrorists was also present in it.

Colonel Ashutosh sharma, who was the commanding officer of the 21 Rashtriya Rifles Unit, was known for his courage and bravery. He has been awarded the Bravery Award twice. Col Ashutosh Sharma was the first commanding officer of the rank of Colonel to lose his life in an encounter with terrorists in the last five years.

Earlier in January 2015, Colonel MN Rai had lost his life in Kashmir Valley. Apart from this, in November 2015, Colonel Santosh Mahadik had also lost his life in the fight against the terrorists.

Colonel Ashutosh Sharma was in the guard regiment for a long time. The guard regiment has been serving in the valley for a long time. Colonel Ashutosh Sharma was the only colonel who was awarded the gallantry award twice in Kashmir. Including for his bravery as a commanding officer.

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