Colonization Begins – ‘Chinese Nationals Only’ city coming up in Pakistan

The Chinese government is going to set up a separate city to settle 5 lakh Chinese citizens in Gwadar of Pakistan. It will be like a colony in China and it will be the only for Chinese citizen. It seems that the colonial era is coming back in which China is becoming a new age imperialist country.

Before that China has made such campus or suburb for its citizens in Africa and Central Asia. There are allegations that the Chinese government is going to buy land in eastern Russia and northern Myanmar. There have been dissatisfaction with local colonies in many places with Chinese colonies.

The city, built at a cost of about $ 150 millions in Gwadar, Pakistan, will be a part of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). This will be the first colony of China in South Asia. According to the Economic Times, houses will be built to settle up to 5 lakh Chinese citizens in this city and it will be ready till 2022 . In fact, China plans to build several financial districts in Gwadar under the Pakistani capital, CPEC. The city is being built to accommodate Chinese workers working in these districts.China-Pak Investment.

Corporation has purchased 36 lakh sq ft of land in Gwadar and it will create settlements for the Chinese people to live. China has invested heavily in Pakistan’s pipeline, railways, highways, mobile networks, power plants, industrial areas. All these investments have been made under Border Road Initiative (BRI) and CPEC. Significantly, CPEC is one of the main projects of China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). It will connect China’s Sinaiq province to Gwadar port of Pakistan, which will lead China’s reach to the Arabian Sea. This project passes through Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir, due to which India has been opposing it.

Now It seems that Pakistan is going to become slave of china in future as East India company had done with India in the past.

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