Country’s first ‘smart fence’ has been installed,- Know the features of smart fence

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For the first time in the country, laser active fence has been installed. on Monday(16-09-2018), Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh inaugurated the ‘Smart Fence’ Pilot Project in two areas of 5-5 kilometers on the border with Pakistan in Jammu region. A senior official told on Sunday that Rajnath Singh will launch this ambitious project during a one-day tour by visiting the advance front in Jammu. This technique will be used by the Border Security Force (BSF). In front of the Home Minister, senior officers of the paramilitary force will conduct smart fences.

This first hi-tech surveillance system has been prepared in two parts of the international border in Jammu. With this help, there will be an invisible electronic barrier in land, water and air, which will help the Border Security Force (BSF) to identify the infiltrators and prevent infiltration of difficult areas.


Smart fence has many devices used for vigilance, monitoring, communication and data storage. Sensors such as thermal imagers, underground sensors, fiber optical sensors, radars and sonar etc. are equipped with smart fences in different places such as aerostat, towers and pillars.

This pic is just for Indication

Officials said that this new system can be monitored 24 hours round the clock. Whatever the weather, there will be no problem in dust storm, mist or rainy monitoring. DG KK Sharma had earlier said that in the future smart fencing will be set to completely secure the Indian border of 2,400 km from Pakistan and Bangladesh.

This initiative is part of an overall integrated border management system (CIBMS) to prevent infiltration and illegal immigration from Pakistan and Bangladesh in India. The Modi government has taken this decision to seal the Indian border with the two countries completely.

An invisible electronic wall has been built by adding other tools to laser fence. The CCTV feed of this state-of-the-art fence will reach immediate to an outpost of  BSF. So that they could immediately make any effort to infiltrate the infiltration. The first of these two smart fences to be launched on Monday is the first foreigner made and the second has been made by an Indian company.

How It works:

The smart fence will feature thermal imager, infra-red and laser based intruder alarms. This will involve an invisible ground fencing, aerospace for air surveillance, unsurpassed ground sensors, which will inform the security forces by detecting any acts of infiltrators. 

infiltration into the Indian border by digging tunnel will no longer be possible. Tunnel, radar and sonar systems will be able to secure the banks of the river along the border. Command and control system will receive data from all the surveillance devices in real time. Country's first 'smart fence' will work on the border from today,- Know the features of smart fence

Given the past incidents of infiltration, two areas of Jammu have been selected. Infra-red and laser-based intrusion detectors will work as an invisible wall in the land and surrounding areas while Sonar system will catch the infiltration attempts through the river. Aerostat techniques will monitor any move in the sky. Undermining the intrusion attempts through tunnel will be constantly monitored by the underground sensors.

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