Padma Shri to Tea Seller D. Prakash Rao

A day before the Republic Day, the country’s most respected ‘Padma awards’ has been announced, in which four of the country’s personalities will be honored with Padma Vibhushan, 14 for Padma Bhushan and 94 for Padma Shri. At the same time, in the list of recipients of Padma Shri, there is the name of a person about whom few people know, but what they are doing in their life, which is no less than an example. D. Prakash Rao is one of them.

D Prakash Rao lives in Cuttack, Odisha. D. Prakash is working as a tea seller for the last 67 years, but he pays a large portion of his earning to teach poor kids by selling tea, that is why people in Cuttack and the surrounding areas respect him very much.

D. Prakash Rao padma Shri

Prime Minister Narendra Modi was so impressed with the work of D. Prakash Rao that he also met him. On May 30, 2018, PM Modi, speaking about D Prakash in his Mann Ki Batt, said, “I got an opportunity to meet Prakash Rao, a tea seller from Cuttack based in Odisha. He has been selling tea for the past five decades, but you will be amazed to know about the work he is doing. He is working to teach more than 70 children, who are unable to attend school because of poor economic conditions. Not only that, he has opened the hope assurance in his slum area, in which he is supporting people who do not have their own home.

D. Prakash Rao
D. Praksah Rao

D. Prakash Rao has been selling tea for the past 67 years and imposes a large proportion of his earnings to teach poor children. D. Prakash Rao also runs a school, where he teaches the children of the slum area for free and after school, he goes to the hospital every day, where he serves patients and their families in the hospital and delivering hot water. These are the Daily routine of D. Prakash Rao . Apart from this, he also donates blood as needed. At the same time, he speaks Hindi and English very well even he didn’t attend any school education. That’s why today his name is included in such celebrities who are being honored with the country’s important prize Padma Shri.

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