Delhi Police: Man is AATS Constable, not ‘RSS volunteer’

After the clash between the protesting students and the police force at Delhi’s Jamia Millia Islamia University regarding the Citizenship Amendment Act, many photos and videos are being shared on social media. One of them is the most discussed photo of a police personnel in civil dress. Through this photo and video, it is being claimed that the students of ABVP, along with Delhi Police, are beating the protesters during the protest.

This claim is getting viral because in the photo, a man wearing police protective armour and helmet with jeans and T-shirt is seen standing with the policemen.

It is being said that this man is not actually of the police but of the RSS student organization ABVP Bharat Sharma, who along with the police is beating the protesters, because the police never do duty in jeans-t-shirt. Among the posts being shared on social media, a screenshot of the Facebook profile of an ABVP student leader named Bharat Sharma is also present. By combining these pictures, videos and screenshots of Facebook, many similar claims are very much discussed.

It is clear from seeing this photo that this person is standing comfortably with the rest of the policemen. He is not alone in a police jacket with a helmet and a helmet, with jeans and a t-shirt, but all other people are standing with him in similar dress.

Delhi Police Cop Arvind

When Some New agency asked the police officers about doing duty in uniform, they told that in some departments of Delhi Police, people do duty in plain clothes for not being recognized. One such department is Anti Auto Theft Squad (AATS). They were also deployed on the spot to deal with the Jamia protesters.

Delhi Police PRO MS Randhawa confirmed that the person seen in the picture is actually the policeman of AATS. Randhawa said that after his photo went viral with a false claim, he gathered more information about him and it came to know that the policeman’s name is Arvind and he is posted in South Delhi. According to Randhawa, this picture was taken in New Friends Colony in Delhi on Sunday when the protest was taking place there.

Watch The video of Delhi Police officer explaining the truth:

Delhi Police officer said that Arvind is associated with Anti Auto Theft Squad (AATS) department of Delhi Police special investigation unit. This team of Delhi police are usually in civilian clothes due to ‘operational reasons’.

According to The Print report, A police officer said, “Can’t policemen be posted on duty in plain clothes? It is not a new thing and should not be made an issue”.

Another Photo of Delhi cop with civilian dress is becoming viral on Social where it is being claimed that he is an ABVP or RSS volunteer. A former Supreme Court Judge Markandey Katju shared this photo.

Bollywood actress also shared this photo.

These claims are also false because Delhi Police confirmed that This man is also Police Personnel of Delhi Police Special Investigation team.

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