Double faced Pakistan released the Postal Stamps on terrorist Burhan Wani

Pakistan is a double face country and here is the example about its double face. On one hand, the new PM Imran Khan talks about improving relations with India and on the other hand Pakistan issues a stamp on Burhan Wani.burhan wani

Hizbul Mujahideen poster boy and top commander Burhan Wani was killed in a major action against the terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir in 2016. Since Burhan Wani was killed, Pakistan is trying to target India repeatedly, describing him as a martyr.burhan wani

Pakistan has honored and funded the terrorists who are creating a militant atmosphere in Kashmir. On one hand PM Imran Khan writes a letter to PM Narendra Modi to start a peace talks. At the same time, his postal department works to provoke India with his actions. Read the letter written by Pak Pm Imran Khan to Pm Modi:pakistan pm imran khan letter

Pakistan Postal Department has released 20 stamps, including photographs of terrorists killed in Jammu and Kashmir and treated these terrorists as a martyred.burhan wani

There are some other people in the postal stamps who have been termed as ‘suffering by Indian soldiers’ in Kashmir. In a ticket, there is also a photograph of the man, who was taken by Major Gogai, accused of violating the rules of the Army, tied on the the Jeep of the Army. Farooq Ahmed Dar was also used as a shield tied with a jute bonnet to deal with stone pelters. Photograph of Farooq Ahmed Dar has also been included in Post Ticket of Pakistan.

According to the media report these postal stamps have been issued from Karachi. Pakistan’s post office headquarter is in Karachi . According to the TOI, the officer told the media that Pakistan has done this to show itself in the war of Kashmiris.

Pakistan has been calling this effort an effort to raise the problem of the people of Kashmir at the local and international level, but its purpose is to co-operate with those who promote terror. Pakistan has done such an act to give open support to the people who create an atmosphere of fear and unrest in Kashmir.

Pakistan crossed all the limits and given the captions under the photos of  terrorists as victims and martyrs. These are the things written on postal stamps:

  • the use of chemical weapon
  • the use of pellet guns
  • mass graves
  • Freedom icons Burhan Wani(1994-2016).

Burhan Wani, a poster boy of terrorists in the valley, was killed by security forces in an encounter in Anantnag on July 8, 2016. Army has eliminated Burhan Wani’s gang within two years. Many terrorists have been killed in their operation all-out.burhan wani

So this is the double face of Pakistan and Imran khan . On one hand, the new PM Imran Khan talks about improving relations with India and on the other hand Pakistan issues a stamp on Burhan Wani. 

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