DRDO Shares List Of 108 Defence Systems/Sub-systems That Can Be Made In India

DRDO has set an ambition to manufacture 108 Defence Systems/ Sub systems in India within the next 18 months.

“This initiative will pave the way for Indian Defence industry to develop many technologies towards building an AtmaNirbhar Bharat,” defence minister Rajnath Singh tweeted.

“DRDO will also provide support to industries for design, development and testing of these systems on requirement basis.  All the requirements of these systems by R&D establishments, Armed Forces, and other Security Agencies can be met through development contracts or production orders on suitable Indian industry. This will allow DRDO to focus on design & development of critical and advanced technologies and systems,” Ministry of Defence said in a press release.

List of 108 Systems/ Sub systems:

  1. Mini& Micro UAVs
  2. Mini&MicroRoVs
  3. Un-cooled NV-IR sights for weapons (short range)
  4. Mountain Foot Bridge (Metallic)
  5. Multi Span Bridge (Metallic)
  6. Modular Bridge (Metallic)
  7. Floating Bridge (Metallic)
  8. Mines Laying and Marking Equipments
  9. NBC Shelters
  10. Armoured Engineering Reconnaissance Vehicle (AERV)
  11. Multipurpose Decontamination Systems (MPDS)
  12. Mobile Decontamination System (MDS)
  13. Solo Vehicle Based Transporter cum Tilter System
  14. Special Purpose Transporters upto 80 T Payload
  15. Loader cum Replenishment (LCR) Vehicles
  16. Anti-Terrorist Vehicle (ATV)
  17. Heavy Recovery Vehicle
  18. IR flare
  19. Tank Transporter
  20. Multi Spectral Camouflage Net (MSCN)
  21. Unit Maintenance Vehicle
  22. Unit Repair Vehicle
  23. Bullet Proof Vehicle
  24. Missile Canisters
  25. Missile Assembly Jigs
  26. Missile Storage Containers
  27. Marine Rocket Launcher 
  28. Image Intensified (II)Based Weapon Sights
  29. Single Mode LASER Source(up to 2 kW )
  30. Blast Doors
  31. Fire Detection  Systems
  32. Telemedicine System
  33. Satellite Navigation Receivers
  34. Fabric  for Parachutes
  35. TR Modules
  36. Batteries (Ag-Zn , Li Ion, Thermal)
  37. Microwave Receivers
  38. Single Board Computer
  39. Hardware for Onboard Computers
  40. Pneumatic Actuator System (upto 450 kgf)
  41. Stabilization Systems for Ground Based Applications
  42. Display Systems
  43. Hydraulic Actuation Systems (upto 16 T)
  44. Electro Mechanical Actuators (upto 2T)
  45. Cable Looms
  46. Relay Units
  47. Hardware for Fire Control Systems
  48. Video converters
  49. Display Processors
  50. Navigation Radars
  51. Blast Sensors
  52. Routers
  53. Electric Power Conditioners
  54. Germanium Blanks
  55. Optical Blanks ( VK 7, fused Silica)
  56. Solenoid valve (> 10 ms)
  57. EMP protected Racks
  58. Shelters for Radar & Communication
  59. Antennas for Satellite Communication  Receivers
  60. Airborne Displays
  61. PCM Decomuntation System
  62. Tele command System
  63. Transponder System
  64. Onboard SCP for Telemetry
  65. Onboard PCM for Telemetry
  66. Onboard Antennae for Telemetry
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