During Sick Leave, Wing Cdr Abhinandan decided to go back his squadron in Srinagar

Brave fighter Pilot wing Commander Abhindan varthaman has decided to go back his Squadron in Srinagar. Wing commander Abhinandan shot down the Pakistan F-16 with his Mig-21 bison on Feb 27 when Pakistan Air force retaliated the attack of Balakot terrorist camp by Indian Air force.

According to News agency ANI report, Instead of spending time with his Family in Chennai, Wing commander Abhinandan chose to back his squadron in Srinagar.

According to Air force sources, “During his Sick leave the officer has option to go his family home in chennai where his parents live but Wing Commander Abhinandan decided to go back to Srinagar where his squadron is deployed for operations.”

Wing Commander Abhinandan has freedom to decide where he wants to spend his sick leave but this brave man chose to go back to his squadron for spending his sick leave.

At the moment the Wing Commander abhinandan has decided to stay with his squadron in srinagar and wou;d be required to come back to new delhi for review medical board which will decide on his fitness for flying fighter Aircrafts.

few days ago Defence Minister Nirmala Sithraman talked about Wing Commander Abhinanadan and While complimenting Wing Commander Abhinandan for beating Pakistan’s F-16 aircraft, Defense Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said that if anyone wants to take tonic of Motivations then he should meet with Abhinandan.

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