ED attached 15.32 crores property of Gautam Khaitan in defence deal of Embraer Plane,2008

Enforcement Directorate (ED), while taking action in the Embraer Plane case, attached the property worth 15.32 crore of Gautam Khaitan. This property is owned by KRBL Ltd, owned by Gautam Khaitan. In fact, during the UPA government in 2008, three embraer aircraft of 208 million dollar were dealt with, alleging that NRI Vipin Khanna had a role in getting the deal, but Gautam Khaitan played a vital role in route of money of this defense deal.

Gautam Khaitan had dealt with Embraer Aircraft. In this case, He had taken Rs 26 crores as bribe.

Gautam Khaitan (Source: IANS)

In the investigation of ED, the money received as bribe in Embrear Deal was sent to M / s KRBL Ltd in India via the Dubai company KRBL DMCC. Gautam Khaitan was the director of KRBL Ltd and was a friend of Vipin Khanna, accused in Embraer Deal. Gautam Khanna told Anup Gupta (the second director of KRBL Ltd) that he had got a deal with Passenger Aircraft in an Austrian company, in return for which there would be 3 million USD commission and no investment required.

CBI had filed the case against NRI Vipin Khanna, M / s Embraer SA, Brazil, M / s Interdev Aviation Service Pte Ltd, Singapore and some unknown officials of Ministry of Defense on the complaint of the DRDO. After which the ED filed a case against money laundering and started investigations. Vipin Khanna’s name also came in the Volcker Oil for Food Scam, 2005.

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