Effect of operation All out, decrease in joining of terror organisation in kashmir

In Kashmir, the security forces are completely in action mode for the elimination of terrorists. The effect of which has now started to appear. On Monday, North Army Commander Lt Gen Ranbir Singh told the media that 270 youths had joined militant organizations in the Valley last year, but this year so far this figure has reached 40 only which are many times less than previous year.

On the issue of air strikes made in Balakot, he said that the attack by our Air Force has caused huge damage to the infrastructure of the terrorists, which is a success. He said that Pakistan had responded with astonishment, but India responded with a retort.

According to the Indian Army, so far this year, 86 terrorists have been killed. While many terrorists have been brought back to the mainstream.

In the past few days, the terrorists have targeted the convoy of the security forces in the valley. Apart from this, an alert came a few days ago, which stated that terrorists could target Srinagar and Awatipora airbase.

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