Election ads in Israel showing Benjamin Netanyahu with PM Modi

Israel is considered as the one of the most reliable partners of India. Israel always stands with India at International level either it is in United Nation or any other forums.

Now Popularity of Indian Prime Minister Narendra has increased so much at the world level that His photo is being used in election ads of Israel. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Natenyahu has used Pm modi photo with him in his election campaign. This is the first time when a foreign country is using Indian Pm photo in its election campaign.

Here is the election ads in Israel showing Pm Modi and Israeli Pm Benjamin Netanyahu. This photo is from the headquarters of the Likud Party of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Pm Modi with Israeli Pm Benjamin Netanyahu

Here is another pic of election ads where Israeli Pm is seen with US president Donald Trump and Russian President Putin.

The above two pictures show that Pm Modi is now considered as the one of the world’s most powerful leaders.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu just tweeted the video of his election campaign.

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Israel is the only country which had helped the India during Kargil war when whole world world had denied to provide help to India then Israel had helped India. Israel aided India with mortar and ammunition and became one of the few countries that helped India directly. 

Israel even provided India with laser-guided missiles for for IAF Mirage 2000H fighters and surveillance drones. Indian Air Force had orders not to cross the LoC under any circumstances and that time Israel provided laser-guided missiles for for IAF Mirage 2000H fighters and helped India to attack pakistani bases with accuracy without violating the orders to not cross LoC.

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