European Union supports India & says, In India, terrorists come from Pakistan, not land from the moon

Since the abrogation of Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan has tried to gain international support on this matter worldwide. However, Pakistan did not get support from anywhere. In the midst of all this, the European Union has also supported India on the Kashmir issue. It has been said by the European Parliament that Pakistan is a suspicious country and Kashmir is a bilateral matter.

The leader of European Union Ryszard Czarnecki said, “India is the greatest democracy of the world. We need to look at terrorist acts that took place in India,J&K.These terrorists didn’t land from moon.They were coming from neighboring country.We should support India.

Simultaneously, another EU leader Fulvio Martusciello said that Pakistan has threatened to use nuclear weapons against India. Pakistan is a place where terrorists plan to carry out terrorist attacks in Europe.

Previous week, Imran Khan claimed that 58 countries of European Union had supported Pakistan on Kashmir issue and criticise India’s decision on Kashmir.

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But Today European union exposed the lies of Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan and EU leaders clearly supported the India on Kahmir issue & criticized Pakistan.

Even Major Islamic countries have refused to stand with Pakistan on Kashmir Issue.

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