Every Soldier In Siachen Getting Rs 1 Lakh Personal Kit

Indian army soldiers deployed at Siachen glacier are now getting personal protection kit worth around Rs one lakh. Saichen is the World’s highest battlefield and These Kits have been provided to soldiers for protection against extreme cold conditions there.

According to Army sources, Apart from the Personal protection kit of Rs one lakh, Every soldiers are also getting equipment worth around Rs 1.5 lakhs for survival and moving around the Siachen glacier during their deployment there.

These equipment and personal kits of soldiers were examined by Indian Army Chief General Mano Mukund Naravane during his recent visit to Siachen in the last week.

These personal protection kit includes the multilayered extreme winter clothing, special sleeping bag, The down jacket, The special gloves of troops and Multipurpose shoes.

The equipment of soldiers includes oxygen cylinder, gadgets for detecting avalanche and many other things.

According to ANI report, These facilities have been provided to the soldiers for personal protection from winters and survival in the extreme cold conditions. Indian Army top officers have also issued clear instructions that if the troops need more facilities, they should be provided that.

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