Fake news Alert: Police is not burning the buses in Delhi

Today 3 buses were burnt by Anti Citizenship Amendment Bill Protesters in Delhi. Protesters also pelted the stones on police and cars.

Watch the video of burning buses in Delhi:

After this incident, people on social media have started spreading misleading pictures about this incident. People are claiming that Delhi Police personnel himself burnt these buses.

Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi has also shared this misleading photo and blamed police and BJP for this protest.

A verified twitter user named Siddharth Setia shared this misleading video.

A verified Twitter user Gaurav Pandhi also shared this video and photo.


Delhi Police was trying to extinguish the fire. Today Anti-CAB protesters burnt the motorcycle and buses in Delhi. Here, Delhi Police was trying to extinguish the fire by using water and fire extinguisher.

An eye witness explained the reality behind these pictures and videos.

During the AAJ TAK broadcast, it can be clearly seen that protesters were burning the motorcycles and Delhi Police was trying to extinguish the fire with a fire extinguisher and water.

The locations of incidents are also different.

These misleading video and photo were shared by many verified twitter user.

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