FIRST IN DECADES: Biggest Assault Rifles deal signed

India has tied up with an American company for the purchase of 72,400 assault rifles at a price of around 700 crore rupees. Ministry of Defense officials informed on Tuesday.

These rifles being used by US forces as well as many other European countries are being purchased under the fast track government procurement process. Officials said that India has signed an agreement with US for the SIG Assault Rifles under Fast Track Procurement (FTP) and under the agreement, India will get 72,400 7.62 mm rifles from US company SIG Jor within one year from today.

These new rifles are being purchased at a price of around Rs 700 crore. Officials said that the Indian Armed Forces are currently equipped with 5.56×45 mm insas rifles. There is an urgent need to use 7.62x51mm assault rifles in place of these rifles insas.

These assault rifles are small, solid, modern technology, which is easy to use in combat situations. Defense Minister Nirmala Sitharaman had approved the purchase of Sig Jor Rifles earlier this month. They will be used by the army stationed on the border of 3,600 km along with China. In October 2017, the army started the process of procuring seven lakh rifles, 44,000 light machine guns (LMGs) and about 44,600 carbines.

Insas Rifles

  • Caliber – 5.56 mm
  • Range – 400 meters
  • Mode of fire – Single round / 3 round burst
  • Magazine Capacity – 20 rounds

7.62 / 51mm Assault Rifle

  • Bullets type: AK-47
  • Caliber-7.62mm
  • Range – 600 meters
  • Mode of fire – Single round / 3 round burst (fully automatic)
  • Magazine Capacity- 20 to 30 rounds
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