Former RAW officers accuse Hamid Ansari & want PM to act against Ansari under ‘anti-national’ acts

Former Research and Analysis Wing (R&AW) officers accused the former Indian VP(Vice-President) Hamid Ansari for endangering lives of RAW unit members in Iran between 1990-92 and want Pm Modi to set up inquiry against former Indian Vice President. Former R&AW officers NK Sood accused that former Vice President Hamid Ansari who has served as Indian Ambassador to Iran between 1990-92, exposed the RAW set-up in Tehran endangering lives of RAW unit members.

NK Sood further alleged that Hamid Ansari teamed up with Ratan Sehgal, Additional Secretary in the IB to destroy Gulf units of the RAW prior to 1992-93 Bombay blasts.

Ratan Sehgal was Addl. Secretary in IB n he was later found to be working for CIA and held passing on documents to a CIA lady agent in Delhi.

According to The Sunday Guardian Report , Ex-R&AW officers want PM to act against Hamid Ansari’s ‘anti-national’ acts for “damaging R&AW operations” while he was posted as Ambassador in Tehran, Iran in 1990-92.

Ex-R&AW officers accused that Hamid Ansari not only failed to protect India’s national interest, but cooperated with the Iranian government and its intelligence agency SAVAK to cause serious dent to R&AW and its operations. According to them, there were four major incidents when Indian Embassy officials, diplomats were kidnapped by SAVAK and Ansari deliberately failed in his duties to protect India’s interest.

One of the officers, N.K. Sood, who retired from the agency in 2010, told The Sunday Guardian that Ansari even went to the extent of recommending the closing down of R&AW stations in Iran.

During The Ansari’s tenure in IRAN, R&AW faced the most glaring humiliation that R&AW station chief P.K Venugopal was beaten by SAVAK but Hamid Ansari never lodged a complaint with the Iranian authorities and later Ansari dismissed that R&AW station chief and sent him back to India.

R&AW officers also claimed that Hamid Ansari did regular and long meetings with Pakistan Ambassador in Tehran, which were not reported to the MEA.

R&AW officers also claimed that when Ansari was transferred from Iran in mid-1993, there were celebrations in the Indian Embassy.

The RAW officers are hoping for a thorough inquiry into the matter by Prime Minister Modi. “Ansari also brought other Indian Ambassadors in Dubai, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia to target R&AW units in their respective missions. At the time of the Bombay blasts, the R&AW’s capabilities vis-a-vis Gulf countries were in total disarray,” the letter reads.

For more details, Read The Sunday Guardian Report.

Former Vice President Hamid Ansari has done some controversial activities after retirement from Vice President of India. Here is the some example:-

  • He had supported the Sharia court in every district of India after his retirement.
  • After his retirement, he had issued a statement saying he is feeling insecure and uneasy as a citizen of India.
  •  He had supported  the students who protested for Jinnah’s portrait in Aligarh Muslim University.
  • He was also seen in a programme organized militant Islamic organization Popular Front of India (PFI) which has been accused by the National Investigative Agency (NIA).
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