Gathering Organised in AMU in support of Manan Wani

The security forces killed two Hizbul militants on Wednesday night in Jammu and Kashmir. Manan Wani was one of them who has been a student of Aligarh Muslim University. On Thursday, some students of Aligarh Muslim University were united on his death and started gathering in support of Manan Wani. After this, The gathering was stopped. Regarding the matter, the AMU registrar said that three students have been suspended. The registrar said that manan Wani was a student of AMU earlier, but he was expelled. Now the AMU has nothing to do with this case.

manan wani 3

Manan Wani had left PhD studies in the month of January and joined the terrorist organization Hizbul. Manan wani went to Kashmir from Delhi on January 6, 2018. In the meantime, the picture of Manan Wani with his AK-47 came on social media. Hizbul Spokesperson also announced that Manan wani had joined Hizbul terror group. After receiving this news, the AMU administration expelled him from the university. 

Manan Wani was a research scholar from Aligarh Muslim University(AMU). He was in the hit-list of J&k force and UP police. Manan Wani, who was a researcher of the Department of Geology in AMU, had made a letter viral on social media while describing the reasons for running on the path of terror in the Kashmir valley. he had made a letter viral on social media and described himself as a terrorist. Manan Wani was missing from the record of UP police for a long time. Indian Army had also included Manan in the list of top 10 terrorists of Kashmir in the past days.

Manan wani was a resident of Kupwara district of Jammu and Kashmir and lived in Habib hall of AMU. His father is a Principal in a School while His brother is an Engineer.  Manan’s family was preparing to send him to the US for further studies, for which they were very excited, but after the news of his involvement in terrorist organization, the family members were disappointed.

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