George Fernandes: Best defence Minister of India

Indian Army has expressed deep sorrow over the demise of former Defense Minister George Fernandes. Indian Army has said in his condolence message that between 1998 and 2004, George Fernandes led the defense of the country as Defense Minister. With intent to strengthen the army, he had made many harsh decisions during his tenure. George Fernandes will always be remembered for his tough decisions as a Defense Minister.

Here is Some incredible facts about George Fernandes

George Fernandes was the biggest supporter of nuclear disarmament

According to senior officials of the Ministry of Defense, George Fernandes was counted among those Indian leaders, who were a staunch supporter of nuclear disarmament. George Fernandes was the only defense minister who had put a picture of nuclear bombing at Hiroshima in his office. However, it is a matter of concern that when the NDA government decided to test the atomic bomb, Fernandes openly supported this decision. It is notable that during the NDA regime, 5 successful nuclear tests were conducted in the Pokhran range of Rajasthan in May 1998 under his defense ministry.

visits Siachen 32 times during his six year tenure

The name of George Fernandes is counted among those country’s defense ministers, who went to the borders to listen the problems of soldiers and then took decision on issues related to the army. Due to his similar habit, George Fernandes became the first Defense Minister of the country to arrive at the Indian Army deployed at Siachen Glacier. At approximately 6600 meters height, George Fernandes visited Siachen Glacier 32 times. It is said that during his tenure, George Fernandes reached Siachen to meet the army’s soldiers in every two months intervals.

Kargil war and He went to border

Kargil war was taken place during his tenure and India won this war against the Pakistan. He went to border during Kargil war and spent some time with soldiers.

KARGIL, INDIA: Indian defence minister George Fernandes takes aim through a shoulder held grenade launcher which was confiscated from the posts held by the Moslem infiltrators as senior Indian army officer General H.M. Khannna (2nd R) looks on during Fernandes’ visit to Kargil 22 July 1999. Source
George Fernandes during Kargil war

George Fernandes sent Defence Ministry babus to Siachen

George Fernandes, as defence minister, once sent two senior bureaucrats of his ministry to Siachen glacier when he came to know that they had held back a file on purchase of snow bikes for soldiers deployed at the world’s highest battle field. when he came to know that two bureaucrats in the ministry’s finance department were sitting on a file for procurement of snow scooters for soldiers in Siachen.

Officials who worked with Fernandes said he immediately issued orders for sending the two officials to the Siachen glacier to have a first-hand experience of soldiers’ life there.

He sent defence ministry officials on familiarisation trips to various parts of Jammu and Kashmir and to the areas bordering China in Arunachal to see for themselves the difficulties faced by border guards.

Santa Claus to the soldiers

On several occasions, Fernandes played Santa Claus to the soldiers in Siachen as he would carry cakes and gifts to them during Christmas.

Indian Defense Minister George Fernandes, right, has a lunch with soldiers of the Indian Army at an army base in Shariefabad, north of Srinagar India, Saturday, Aug 3, 2002.


There was no door in his official residence in Delhi. There was no security officer too. Anyone could meet George anytime. He used to wash their clothes himself. He used to spend night comfortably on a bench.

“George Fernandes is no more. I remember the man for his simplicity. As Commander 23 Sector in Aizawl, i received him at our helipad when he was the defence minister. He alighted and I received him. I sent a soldier to get his luggage from the chopper but he stopped me. I am carrying what I need he said. He had a jhola slung astride his shoulder which was all his luggage. A kurta pyjama and some toilet items. That was all he carried. He then got on to the front seat of the car and went for his next assignment. He was a perfect example of simple living and high thinking. Good Bye George Fernandes. You were one of the best defence ministers India has had. May the angels carry you on golden wings to your Lord. Rest in Peace”- Maj. Gen. (Retd.) Dhruv C. Katoch

Congress called him coffin chor

When George Fernandes became the defense minister in Atalji’s government then he decided to bring the dead body of the martyred soldiers to their home safely so he decided to buy coffins for Martyred soldiers after 1999 kargil war But look at the misfortune of the country that the Congress accused the saint like person in Coffin scam and called him coffin chor and after that his party lost the election. After the enquiry, it was said that there was no scam in Coffinof soldiers.
Because of these reason George Fernandes hated Sonia Gandhi too much. he din’t want to see her face.

At last we can take lesson from George Fernandes life that honest peoples are always betrayed by corrupted people and people start believing on corrupted people false claim & throws out the honest man from the power. This is the harsh reality of our country.

George Fernandes Achievements

  • Then Defence Minister ‘George Fernandes’ confirmed the ‘Arihant Class’ Nuclear Submarine project in 1998.
  • India signed deal with Russia to jointly manufacture ‘Brahmos’ Missile, company was established on 2 Feb 1998.
  • MoU to manufacture ‘Sukhoi-30 MKI’ was signed in 2000 & first order for licence-production of 140 Su-30MKIs was placed in Dec’2000.
  • Contract for purchase of Aircraft Carrier ‘INS Vikramaditya’ from Russia was signed in January 2004.
  • Design Work on India’s 1st Indigenous Aircraft Carrier ‘INS Vikrant’ began in 1999 & order was placed in 2004.
  • Deal for procurement of ‘Barak’ Air Defence Missile system was signed in Oct 2000.
  • Requirement for procuring 126 Fighter Jets in ‘MMRCA’ was mooted in 2001 and RFI was issued in 2004.
  • Phase-II of LCA was commenced in Nov 2001 for three more prototype vehicles (PV-3, PV-4 and PV-5) & 8 Limited Series Production (LSP) aircrafts named ‘Tejas’.
  • Project 75 ‘Kalwari Class’ to build 6 diesel-electric submarine commenced in 1998.
  • In 2001, India signed first contract for purchasing 310 number of ‘T-90S Tanks from Russia.
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