HAL has built first Air to Air weapon firing Light combat Helicopter

India has achieved great success in the defense sector. Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) has succeeded in making the Light Combat Helicopter (LCH) which is capable of destroying enemy aircraft or missiles in the air. The biggest feature of it is that it is capable of accurately attacking on the moving target. Soon it will be handed over to the Indian Air Force.

Ready for operational Service

HAL chief R Madhavan said, “This is the first time in the country that success has been achieved in creating air-to-air helicopter. So far, no military service in the country has developed such capability. Now all the weapon-related tests of the Light Combat Helicopter have been completed. It is now fully prepared for operational services. ‘

According to HAL spokesperson Gopal Sutar, the test has done at the test site of Chandipur in Odisha was completely successful. During this time the helicopter successfully shot down the missile in the air and hit its target. This test has been done under the guidance of Test Pilot Wing Commander Subhash P John (VM Retired), Flight Engineer of HAL-Col Ranjit Chatele, captain of Indian Air Force Test Pilot group Capt Rajiv Dubey .

Test has been done at Orrisa

It can fly at altitude like Siachen

Last year 20mm powerful Tourets guns and 70mm rockets have also been tested from this light combat helicopter (LCH) last year. HAL claims that this helicopter is the only fighter helicopter in the world, capable of working at remote high altitude areas such as Siachen.

Perfect Aim

This helicopter has been designed and developed by HAL Rotary Wing Research and Design Center. It has been designed keeping in mind the needs of the IAF. A special infrared catching system has been installed in its upper part. This allows the pilot sitting in the right to hit the enemy in the ground and air on any target.

With these state of the art, technology and equipment, the pilot can now fire the missile without turning the helicopter. Its missiles are capable of hitting unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and highly light aircraft. This aircraft is capable of flying in inaccessible conditions. It can also fly at lower altitudes. This will serve as an umbrella in the form of security.

Defense Acquisition Council (DAC) has initially agreed to buy 15 LCH. In this, 10 are to be given to Indian Air Force and 5 Army.

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