HAL union refuses to meet Rahul Gandhi

A day after the Congress claimed that party president Rahul Gandhi will meet employees of Hindustan Aeronautical Limited (HAL), The HAL denied the claim of Rahil Gandhi and refused to meet with Rahul Gandhi. Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) has said that there is no program of meeting of HAL employees with Rahul Gandhi. HAL Chief Media Communicator Gopal Sutar said that Rahul Gandhi could not meet HAL employees but could come to join one of his programs. On Wednesday, some Congress leaders were told that Rahul will talk to HAL employees in Bangalore on October 13.

HAL officials have said that a program is organised on October 13, whose theme is ‘HAL’s contribution to India’. It can include anyone including HAL employees. In such a situation, Rahul Gandhi is not coming to meet HAL’s staff. HAL officials said,  “It is not that Rahul Gandhi is coming to meet HAL employees. It is about HAL’s contribution to India and on this topic there is going to be a discussion. In this program anyone can participate, ex-HAL employees, HAL employees, people interested in HAL developments or who have faith and pride in the company, can participate”

On 10th october, Congress party claimed that Rahul Gandhi will meet HAL employees on 13th October. Rafale Controversy is going on full swim and if Rahul gandhi is claiming to meet HAL employees and its a very big deal for Rafale controversy but yesterday HAL officials refused to meet Rahul Gandhi.

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