Harish starts selling Tea again after winning medal in Asian Games 2018

If you go to a street in Delhi and see the player selling tea who won medal in Asian Games then …? Whatever you are thinking, this is reality. This is the reality of the struggle of 23 year old Harish Kumar. He returned home on Friday morning after winning medals from Indonesia. A few hours have passed in the reception and celebration. After that he had reached his tea shop in the evening. Harish

23-year-old Harish is a member of Sepak Takraw Team, who won the Bronze Medal at the Indonesian Asian Games. The team returned home on Friday. There was great reception at the airport. Harish’s neighbors had reached the airport with the bus for rent. Welcomed with the Dhol-Naagad Even after returning home, there was an atmosphere of celebration for a few hours. in Evening scenes changed. Harish went to his tea shop just like everyday, because this tea stall is the only source of his family income and living. He has been sitting at this shop for years.

harish is at his tea stall
harish is at his tea stall after winning Medal

After all, how did this strange game begin? Harish says in response, ‘Khel-Khel me.’ Then explained in detail, ‘I used to play tire with my friends in my childhood by cutting the tire with scissors. In this game, feet had to be raised more and more. One day Coach Hemraj saw me. He called us and asked to play sepak Takraw. And the journey started moving.

I used to play well, but there were many problems in front. My father runs a tea shop. Family big and low earnings. In such a situation, when the child spent time playing, it would have been difficult. One day Dad said, leave the game and start working in the tea shop. If earnings will increase, then family’s bread will be available. The confusion was big. The coach felt that I could become a big player. The circumstances of the house were saying something. Harish’s two sisters are blind.

Coach gave the Money: Harish was picked up by Coach Hemraj and elder brother Naveen with this dilemma. Naveen himself also used to play Sepak Takraw. Both brothers began to support father at the tea shop. Coach Hemraj started paying rent of travel to Harish to get to the stadium. Harish was playing first at the State and then at the National level. As a good player, Sai and Federation gave help. Sai started giving kit every year. Separately, the Federation of India arranged for his training.

harish with his coach hemraj
harish with his coach hemraj

Tea Stall in Morning, Practice in Evening: Harish said that his routine has been fixed for the last several years. They run a morning tea shop with brothers or sometimes alone. His practice goes from 2 pm to 6 pm by going to the stadium. In the morning when Harish is at the tea shop, Dad runs a rented auto, so that he can earn a little more.

Future Planning: Harish says, words are falling short to convey the happiness and the atmosphere of winning medals. Many people congratulated me. Now what? Is the job offer from the government? Or any other kind of help?. Harish says, ‘There is nothing clear now. First I will complete his 12th studies, Then will think something. ‘ Harish had 12 players in his team. The team’s 10 players work in Armed Border Force (SSB), while there is a physical trainer.

What is Sepak Takraw: Sepak Takraw, are two words of the Malay and Thai language. Sepak is Malay, meaning to kick. Takraw means light ball. In this game, the ball has to send other side of the net like a volleyball, but for this, the player can use only the legs, knees, chest and head. The ball can not be touched by hand.

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