Have Shahrukh Khan and Sunny leone donated 5 Crores to Kerala flood? know the reality

Kerala is dealing with devastating flood from previous one week and there are many people and organisation who are giving help to Kerala’s people by donating something as their status but social media is busy with some false news and propaganda and social media users are claiming that many of stars like Shahrukh khan & Sunny Leone have donated Rs. 5 crores to Kerala flood victims. so what’s the reality lets know about it:

Shahrukh khan : Shahrukh khan has not donated Rs. 5 crores to kerala flood victims as claimed by many social media users. here is the some post posted by Shahrukh khan’s Fans:

There are many tweets have been tweeted like this about shahrukh khan which is totally false and the reality is that Shahrukh khan has not donated Rs. 5 crores to kerala victims. According to Firstpost news, Meer foundation has only donated Rs. 21 lakh which is run by Shahrukh khan.

After knowing the reality some people on social media trolled shahrukh khan too.

Sunny Leone: There are many rumors about sunny leone that she has also doanted Rs. 5 crore to kerala flood victims and many social media users have shared it. here is the A facebook page which shared this news  and further 5000 people shared this false news on his/her timeline.

But there is no reality in this news. At present, Sunny has not yet told anything about this. This news is becoming viral on social media.When AAJ TAK talked to Sunny Leone’s team, they had a clear say, “Sunny does not want to talk about this and she does not want to tell how much she has donated.

So we are requesting all of viewers to not believe anything on social blindly and stop sharing everything without knowing the reality. it takes just one google search to know the reality. search on google before sharing or believing anything on social medias.

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