‘HoneyTrap’ An Army Jawan posted in Jaisalmer, was giving information to ISI

Indian Army Intelligence team has arrested a soldier of Indian Army posted in Jaisalmer Army Cantonment of Rajasthan on Saturday for allegedly informing the intelligence agency of Pakistan. According to sources, approx 50 jawans has landed under the scanner of intelligence agencies.

It is being told that Sombir Singh, who was caught in the clutches of Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI, had been sharing information about the activities of Indian Army for a long time with Pakistani intelligence agency. This young Indian soldier has become a victim of honeytrap through Facebook. But so far the official confirmation of the arrest has not been confirmed.

Sources say Sombir Singh is a resident of Rohtak in Haryana, posted in Jaisalmer Army Cantt. After coming in contact with Facebook friend Anika Chopra for a few months, he was sharing the activities of Indian Army with ISI. After which the Indian Army has detained him on the basis of suspicion. But the army has not yet given this young man to intelligence agency. For which the Army Head Quarter is waiting for permission.

A girl from Pakistan’s intelligence agency had friends on Facebook in the name of Anika Chopra and had acquired many intelligence from this Indian Army soldier. Apart from this, Many calls used to come to Sombir singh from Jammu as well.

Before Jaisalmer, this young man was posted in Ahmednagar, Maharashtra. From that time when he was posted in Maharashtra, the matter came to the notice of security agencies, since then it was being monitored. According to sources, this young man had also video chat with the girl. He was even willing to divorce his wife for the ISI agent. During their chats, he had mentioned that his wife was illiterate. Sombir Singh had even taken 5,000 rupees from the Pakistani agent.During this period, many confidential information and photographs of the Indian Army were also given to the ISI.

In the starting, Anika asked Sombir singh some innocent questions like-where are you posted? Can you send a picture of your tank? When is the field firing taking place? 

Sombir singh told all the answer to anika without any hesitation but as soon as he told all the details, Anika started blackmailing him

Here is the profile of Anika chopra and we have seen the comments of many Jawans related to Indian Armed forces on her profile. This is a fake account which is created by Pakistani ISI for Honey trapping of Indian Soldiers.

Fake Profile of Anika Chopra

Anika Chopra had been ‘courting’ not just him, but around 50 other soldiers as well who had disguised their identity on Facebook and posted likes and comments. These soldiers are being questioned by a joint team of Rajasthan STF and military intelligence.

During the questioning, it emerged that Anika Chopra gave each jawan a specific time during which she would chat with them.

What is a honeyTrap?

The honey trap is one of the most common tropes present in spy thrillers where an attractive man or woman is used to gain secrets from an individual, usually in a position of power in the state. The most well-known master of this practice was Markus Wolf, an East German spymaster who is said to have used good-looking male spies to target single, lonely women in West Germany, the secretaries of powerful individuals.

According to experts, the Pakistani intelligence agency(ISI) uses this tactics to mislead Indian Army jawans and making them detective. Apart from this, through the HoneyTrap, the youth works like an ISI spy who takes pictures of the cantonment area, tanker number and building and sends it to ISI. Earlier even such reports had come from various parts of the country.

Our enemy country Pakistan adopts several types of tactics to gather intelligence information from India. This work is also being done through HoneyTrap. During this time, any woman or girl joins the other country’s youth on a social site and then starts playing blackmailing or gathering information. Pakistani intelligence agency has recently used this weapon against India to acquire intelligence information from several jawans of the Indian Army.

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