IAF to CAG: Modi govt saved Rs. 27,000 crores in Rafale deal

The much awaited CAG report in controversial RAFALE deal tabled in Parliament on Wednesday by NDA government. According to India News Modi govt has saved Rs. 27,000 crores in Rafale deal.

A India News journalist Sushant sinha access a documents in which Indian Air Force replied to CAG that Modi govt saved Rs. 27,000 crores in Rafale deal.

Sushant Sinha tweeted, ” Rahul Gandhi can keep Lying on Rafale Deal but our Strategic Affairs Editor Ashish Singh brings EXCLUSIVE documents submitted by Air Force to CAG to show how Narendra modi govt saved Almost 27000 crore rupees in Rafale Deal. “

As per the said documents, India gained a commercial advantage due to changeover from Firm and Fixed Cost under the 126 MMRCA (Medium Multi-Role Combat Aircraft competition) proposal to indices based cost method for the deal of 36 Rafale jets. Under the 126 MMRCA proposal, the price was firm and fixed and computed at an annual escalation rate of 3.9%. However, a decision was taken to finalise the deal for 36 Rafale aircrafts at 2015 price levels on the basis of indices based escalation. The upper cap was taken as 3.5%. 


According to Uday Mahurkar (Deputy editor of India Today), Modi Govt has been saving close to Rs 2 lakh crores every year for the national treasury due to its tight and transparent governance based on digital monitoring and commitment to transparency at top level.

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