IAF wanted to take Revenge of 26/11 but Congress blocked Surgical Strikes

Opposition parties in New Delhi questioned the surgical strike on Pakistan- occupied Kashmir after the  Uri attack . The Congress had demanded the evidence of this attack, but now after a new disclosure, questions have arisen on the then Congress-led UPA Government .

Times Now has made a big disclosure. Fali Homi Major (Retired), who was Air Chief Marshal during the Mumbai terror attacks in 2008, disclosed  that the Indian Air Force was fully prepared to take revenge for the attack, but the then UPA government had not given the permission to the Air Force and The strike was not approved.

Here is the video of  IAF chief Marshal Fali :

Maj explained that the Air Force was trying to teach Pakistan a lesson. In 2008, the complete plan of the attack was also made. 9 years after the 26/11 attack, the former Air Chief had ‘bombarded’ the then UPA Government.

They told that they had complete plans to do this. The Air Force had the power to attack the militant training camp in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir, but at that time the UPA Government did not allow the Air Force to do it. Major said that after the 26/11 attack, India had 24 hours to attack.

it is shameful that congress did not go ahead with this step. The more you be silent, the more you encourage the terrorists sitting in Pakistan.

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