If E-BOMB will successful then China & Pakistan will Kneel down in front of India-know its features

Nowadays Defence technology is changing according to changing of phase, every country is engaged in efforts to improve its security consistently. All developed countries of the world, including America, China, Russia, are already in a very strong position. In this way, India has also been looking for new dimensions of its security. The name of this new dimension of India is E-bomb. As it is fatal, it will force the enemy to kneel in front of us. DRDO has been working on this technology for a long time. Not only this, India is currently the first country in Asia to work on this technology. Apart from this, this technique is also being worked in America.

America has given the name of this Hi-Tech weapon project is CHAMP. Its specialty is that weapon will do his job without harming the person. Its target will be only a few machines. Actually, this is the technology on which India is also working. The name of this Hi-Tech Defense System is Electromagnetic Pulse weapon System. This weapon will completely change the picture of war in the future.

In this, a dragon type weapon creates a magnetic field passing over the typical buildings. With its support, a current is generated, so that all the electronic systems in the building, which includes the computer, will stop working. This weapon will make the all those proven to help the army and the government non-working , from whom they make further decisions or make their strategies. The Electromagnetic weapon system actually proves to be fatal to the military and the government’s helping computers. While remaining in the air, it completely fails all those systems which can be helpful in formulating the strategy of the army and the government. If it is said in other words, after the computer fails, their connection to the satellite ends.

The most fatal consequence of this would be that the connection of the army, which is alerting the army on the border due to the connection lost of the satellite, will be broken by one another. In such a situation, neither any decision can be made to the security forces nor any emergency message will be available. This will be the most fatal for any country. At any such time, any country will fail completely in its security and at that time if India attacks anyone then any country will not be able to do anything.


Apart from this, Indian scientists are also working on the second technique called KALI. KALI means kilo ampere liner injector. The biggest feature of this Hi-Tech Defense System is that it completely fails any missile coming on our side. With the identification of the enemy’s missile, the power beam emerges from this system, which defeats all the devices inside that missile. KALI is actually more dangerous than any other laser weapons. The only difference between laser weapon and KALI weapon is that Laser weapon do the holes in missiles & destroys it but this does not happen in KALI. KALI weapons completely fail the missiles by its power beam. 

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