Illegal Bangladeshis are Fleeing in dark night due to fear of NRC and CAA

Illegal Bangladeshi who have been living illegally in India for decades are now returning to their homeland due to fear. The National Register of Citizens, NRC and Citizenship Amendment Act, CAA have raised this fear. According to Jagran report, 300 to 400 people are entering Bangladesh from India every day.

Bangladesh Border Guards (BGB) have caught hundreds of people who were trying to enter back into Bangladesh from India. Bangladesh Police is also investigating by keeping many such people in custody. However, the truth is that more people have been able to cross the border into Bangladesh than those who have been caught.

According to the Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) Director General Maj Gen Md Shafeenul Islam, “Around 1000 people were arrested for illegally crossing Bangladesh from India in 2019, 445 of whom came to Bangladesh in November-December.”

According to report of Swarajyamag, Officials of Railway, West Bengal police and the Intelligence Bureau (IB) say that illegal Bangladeshi immigrants from Delhi, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka and some other states are coming back to west bengal in recent weeks and returning back to Bangladesh Via ‘Safe Haven’ West Bengal

According to BSF, illegal immigrants who have been living in India for years are secretly going back due to fear of NRC. Although they say that all efforts are being made to capture them at the border, but in the dark of night, they are succeeding in crossing the border through forests and rivers.

“The inputs we are getting indicate that people from Bangladesh, who had illegally crossed over to India, are going back and some of them have been apprehended there,” Inspector General of BSF’s Meghalaya Frontier Kuldeep Saini said.

Bangladesh is also trying its best to stop these people to enter into its border. For this, the Border Guard Bangladesh has also formed a security committee of the people of the border village of Bangladesh, which are keeping an eye on the people entering Bangladesh.

According to officials, since large areas of the international border have no fencing and electricity and the area is surrounded by rivers and dense forests, some people secretly succeed in entering there. Interestingly, the vulnerabilities that illegal immigrants used to enter India are now running back the same way. According to an officer of BSF’s South Bengal Frontier, most of them are labourers who were living here illegally for work due to poverty.

It is said that thousands of people have entered Bangladesh in the dark of night since November through the Maheshpur sub-district bordering Jhenaidah District of Bangladesh. Bangladeshi border guards apprehended and handed over 300 people from Maheshpur sub-district to the police last month. 

Villagers living close to the border claim that a large number of people are fleeing Bangladesh from India. People from the border areas of Bangladesh say that the Rohingya people have already increased our problems. Now if people from India also start coming then we will have a lot of trouble. They claim that 300 to 400 people are entering Bangladesh from India every day. Here, Bangladesh has also increased security along the border with western districts.

Regarding the people being caught trying to enter Bangladesh from India, the Bangladesh police say that most of them are describing themselves as Bangladeshi who had been living in India for a long time due to work. Now They are returning after changing the situation in India due to NRC and CAA.

The Border Guard Bangladesh and Bangladesh Police claim that Indian identity cards are also being recovered from these people. The police is investigating the case by registering a case against the illegal entrants. Many of these families also have small children.

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