Illegal VoIP Exchanges Busted In Kerala, ISI link Suspected

The Mumbai Police Crime Branch in a joint operation with the Military Intelligence of Jammu and Kashmir have busted an illegal ‘Voice over Internet Protocol’ (VoIP) telephone exchange with the arrest of a 34-year-old man from Kerala. A police officer said that during interrogation of the arrested person, the names of some more suspects, including a Chinese citizen, have been revealed.

These illegal ‘Voice over Internet Protocol’ (VoIP)  were used to collect information from the Indian defence personnel. Indian Military Intelligence suspected that Pakistani ISI was involved in this VoIP.

The raids were conducted in Noida and Kerala on Thursday. During the raid, one accused ‘Hilar Thacharail Mohammed Kutty’ was arrested from Kerala’s Changermakulam. He is a resident of Palakkad in Kerala who runs a software business.

Actually, the army intelligence and police have raided and exposed an illegal telephone exchange. From here, phones from Pakistan were transmitted to the local people through the Internet. All this was happening with the help of Chinese technology.

According to army sources, phone calls were coming from some international numbers on the mobile numbers of India. They asked for information about army in Jammu and Kashmir and their deployment on the border. On receiving the information, military intelligence came into action and sought cooperation from the police of other states.

According to sources, the wires of this gang are connected with Pakistan intelligence agency ISI, who are committing treason in the greed of money.

According to Army sources, two functional SIM boxes with 100 slots each and approximate 200 SIM cards, along with two routers, three modems, antennas, batteries and connectors were recovered during the raid. Through these SIM boxes equipped with modern digital technology, international calls from Pakistan were transferred to the local local GSM number.

All this was done through VOIP i.e. Voice over Internet Protocol. VoIP converted international voice calls originating from Pakistan into local GSM calls. The person who was called, felt that he was talking to someone in India. While in reality he was talking to an ISI agent sitting in Pakistan.

VOIP technology is banned in India because calls made through it in India cannot be traced. Hence VOIP technology is a threat to the security of the country.

These systems are used for anti-national activities because the calls generated through VoIP system cannot be traced or controlled by the Indian System.

After the misuse of VOIP technology, security agencies deployed in Jammu and Kashmir are on high alert.

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