Pakistan Wants To Summon Google CEO Sundar Pichai & Ask Why ‘Bhikari’ Shows Imran Khan’s Photo

Pakistan’s Prime Minister, Imran Khan, who has been facing severe financial hardship, has to be embarrassed in front of the world. In fact, the picture of Imran Khan is being shown on the search of ‘BHIKHARI'(beggar) words on Google, the world’s largest search engine. However, Pakistan has lodged a complaint with Google about this.

According to media reports, on Friday, when people searched on Google by typing BHIKHARI in Urdu, many pictures of Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan started coming up. There is an atmosphere of resentment towards Google in the Pakistanis after watching their PM’s predominance.

After this a proposal was presented against a Google in the assembly of the Punjab province of Pakistan. This proposal sought to send summons to Google CEO. In the summon, Google CEO has been asked why does the picture of Imran Khan appear on the search engine’s search for the word “BHIKHARI“?

Pakistan says that it is a conspiracy against them. Pakistan has urged Google to take action on this matter as soon as possible and remove it. The Government of Pakistan argues that due to such search results, there is a negative impact on not just the PM but the image of the whole country.

Indeed, Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan is touring around the world in search of new loans. Imran Khan, for the new loan, has seen in Saudi Arabians and then towards China. Saudi Arabia has also announced a $ 6 billion loan to Pakistan. China has also given its assurance of financial assistance to Pakistan.

According to Imran Khan, Pakistan has a loan of 300 trillion rupees. For this reason, the Pakistani government has to pay interest of six billion rupees per day. Thereby, the foreign exchange reserves of Pakistan are rapidly evacuating. At the same time, the Pakistani rupee was also devastated.

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