In response to General Rawat, the army of Pakistan said, we are ready for war

Pakistan’s army said on Saturday that it is ready for war, but in the interest of its people, it will choose the path of peace. This statement from the Pakistani army is being considered as an answer to the comment of Indian army chief General Bipin Rawat. Indian army chief had said that strict action should be taken against the brutal murder of Indian soldier.

In an interview given to Dunia TV, Pakistani Army spokesman Asif Gafoor said that our country has a long history of fighting against terrorism and we know the price for peace. He said, “There should not be a mistake to understand the desire for peace of Pakistan as a weakness. War is imposed when you are not ready. But we are nuclear countries and are ready. ‘

While refusing the charges of killing Indian BSF jawan, Gafoor said, “In the last two decades we have fought for peace. We have never done anything to harm a young man. In the past, Indian army had accused us for a young man brutally killing . We have a professional army. We are never involved in such exploits. We are ready for war, but the people of Pakistan and the neighborhood and the people of the region will choose the path of peace. ‘

Gafoor said that the Indian army is giving irresponsible statements to distract attention from its domestic issue. The Indian government is facing allegations of corruption. He also defended the issue of postage stamps on Burhan Wani.

On the other hand, Pakistan’s Information and Broadcasting Minister Fawad Chaudhary said that both Pakistan and India are equipped with nuclear power. In such a situation, there is no question of war. Peace loving Pakistan desires peace with India.

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