Increase In Outflow Of illegal Bangladeshi migrants Due To CAA: BSF

The Border Security Force (BSF) said on Friday that a substantial increase in the outflow of illegal Bangladeshi migrants have started returning to their country after the Citizenship Amendment Act. There has been an increase in the incidence of illegal citizens leaving the country in the last one month.

“In the last one month there has been a significant increase in outflow of the number of illegal Bangladeshi nationals leaving the country from the border areas of the country. In January alone, we caught 268 illegal Bangladeshi migrants, most of whom were trying to return to Bangladesh. ,” BSF Inspector General (South Bengal Frontier) Y B Khurania told reporters.

According to BSF officials, by taking advantage of the lack of fencing in a large area of ​​the international border, the illegal Bangladeshis are able to enter India, but now these illegal Bangladeshis are running back from the same path.

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