India Captures Chinese Ship Going To Pakistan With Components Of Ballistic Missiles

Custom officials have intercepted a ship going to Karachi port in Gujarat. The ship carrying the flag of Hong Kong contained goods that could be used in the launching of ballistic missiles.

Actually, the ship has loaded autoclaves (containers that are used for chemical reactions or other processes at high temperatures and pressures). The crew on the ship gave it incorrect information and called it an industrial dryer.

The ship was halted at Kandla port in Gujarat on 3 February. It is currently under intense investigation. The Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) engaged in the investigation of the ship, will send another team of nuclear scientists to investigate the autoclave.

The ship sailed from the Jiangyin port on the Yangtze river in China’s Jiangsu province to Qasim port in Karachi. On the way, it was stopped at Kandla port by Indian custom department.

The ship was intercepted after receiving information from intelligence agencies and top security institutions. According to the report, the name of this ship is Da Cui Yun. 

According to, the vessel is named Da Cui Yun and was manufactured in 2011 at the port of Hong Kong.

The DRDO team is investigating this 18 x 4 meter autoclave. The autoclave has a ‘dual use’ certificate, which means it can be used for civil and military operations.

The second DRDO team will reach Kandla on Monday. If this team is satisfied with the investigation of the first team and it is found that this autoclave can be used military operations, then Customs will seize the cargo, and charge the vessel and its owners for violations of Special Chemicals, Organisms, Materials, Equipment and Technologies (Scomet) export regulations.

The ship, weighing 28,341 tonnes, sailed from Jiangyin port on January 17 to the Qasim port in Karachi, where the Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission, which operates Pakistan ‘s ballistic missile program, is located.

During the Kargil War, a North Korean ship was seized at Kandla port. The ship was going to Pakistan. The Ship had missile parts and other dangerous goods, which were being transported as water purifying equipment. This case is also similar to that. This time the autoclave was being transported as an industrial dryer.

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