India Evacuates 112 People From Wuhan Including 36 Citizens Of 7 Foreign Countries

Indian Air Force aircraft has reached India carrying 112 people from Wuhan including 36 citizens of 7 foreign countries who were trapped in the epicenter of Coronavirus. A special aircraft of the Indian Air Force arrived in Wuhan on Wednesday with relief supplies. After delivering relief material there, It reached Delhi with 112 people trapped there by the same aircraft.

According to Indian Air Force, the special aircraft of the Indian Air Force reached Wuhan with 15 tonnes of relief material. After delivering relief material there, The same aircraft evacuated 112 people stranded in Wuhan and reached Delhi at 6.45 am on Thursday. Indian Foreign Minister S Jaishankar has said that we have shown solidarity with the people of China in this difficult time by sending relief material from India.

Indian Foreign minister S. Jaishankar tweeted, “There are 76 Indians in this aircraft, including 36 people from foreign countries.” These include 23 nationals from Bangladesh, 6 from China, 2 each from Myanmar and Maldives and one each from South Africa, USA and Madagascar. All those who reached Delhi will be kept in quarantine centre for 14 days and examined.

Indian Air Force aircraft Globemaster C-17 went to Wuhan on Wednesday with 15 tonnes of relief supplies including masks, gloves and other medical equipment.

Now India has evacuated total 723 Indians & 43 Foreign nationals from Wuhan in 3 evacuation flights which were sent on 31st Jan, 1st Feb & 26th Feb.

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