India Had Offered To Evacuate Pakistani Students From Wuhan

In the Rajya Sabha on Friday, Foreign Minister S Jaishankar presented his stand on the condition of corona virus. The Foreign Minister said that when we sent the aircraft to bring our students from Wuhan (China), we had openly offered to all our neighbors that India would also help in evacuating their people. 

Maldives showed positive attitude on this offer. After this, we have brought the seven Maldives students and people. Soon everyone will be transported to their country.

Foreign Minister S Jaishankar said that the Ministry of External Affairs is in touch with the students living in China. Also, we are in constant contact with the Chinese authority. 

Jaishankar said that the 80 Indian stdents are still in Wuhan, but the Indian Embassy is in constant touch with them all.

I want to assure the House and the families of those in Wuhan that the embassy is in touch with all students and is regularly monitoring their welfare,” Foreign Minister said.

7 citizens of Maldives have come to India from Wuhan city of China. These people were stranded in the city of Wuhan affected by the Corona virus for a long time. Maldives thanked India for taking out these 7 people. The President of Maldives himself thanked PM Modi and Foreign Minister S Jaishankar for this step of India.

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