India has decided to Stop 3 rivers water which flows to Pakistan

After the Pulwama terror attack, Modi government has taken a big step and decided to stop the water of its share going to Pakistan. At the same time, the Central Government has decided to divert this water to Jammu and Kashmir and Punjab. Union Minister Nitin Gadkari tweeted this information.

Central minister Nitin gadkari tweeted, ” Under the leadership of Hon’ble PM Sri Narendra modi ji, Our Govt. has decided to stop our share of water which used to flow to Pakistan. We will divert water from Eastern rivers and supply it to our people in Jammu and Kashmir and Punjab. “

He Further said, “The construction of dam has started at Shahpur- Kandi on Ravi river. Moreover, UJH project will store our share of water for use in J&K and the balance water will flow from 2nd Ravi-BEAS Link to provide water to other basin states. “

All the Above Projects are declared as the National projects.

Nitin Gadkari Said on wednesday, “After partition, India and Pakistan got permission to use water 3-3 rivers. Despite the agreement, water of three rivers in India’s quota was flowing in Pakistan till now. Now we have created projects on these three rivers, with the help of which the water of these rivers will now be used for the people of Punjab and Jammu and Kashmir. Once this work begins, it will also increase the water level of the river Yamuna. “

Indus is one of the largest rivers in the world and its length is more than 3,000 km. Irrigation of Pakistan’s 26 million acres of land is dependent on these rivers. If India stops water, then there will be water crisis in Pakistan, cultivation and hydro power will be badly affected. This is exactly the fear for Pakistan. Earlier, Indian govt. has already imposed the 200% tax on Pakistani goods which will totally stop the business between India-Pakistan.

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