India has the world’s largest uniformed youth organization, PM Modi has also been a member

In some countries of the world, military service is mandatory for all women and male citizens. It includes Ukraine, Lithuania, Finland, Norway, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Israel, North Korea, Taiwan, Iran, Algeria, Turkey, Russia and China. There is also a debate about compulsory military services in India, but do you know that India has the world’s largest uniformed youth organization? They are not only given military training, but instead of this many benefits are given to the youth too. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also been a member of this uniformed youth organization.


Here we are talking about the National Cadet Corps (NCC). It was established on April 16, 1948. The NCC’s establishment day is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of November every year. Its headquarters are in Delhi. NCC is an Indian Military Cadet Corps, which provides military training to school and college students on voluntary basis.

The Ministry of Defense of the Indian Government had said in March 2018 to make the NCC more vigorous. It is clear that the government wants to make NCC more popular among the youth. Colonel Gopal Gurunath Bewoor was made the first director of National Cadet Corps on March 31, 1948. Its current director general is Lt Gen BS Sahrawat. ‘Unity and discipline’ is the motto of NCC. A triangular service organization of the army, navy and air force engaged in grooming young people of the country. That’s why the NCC flag has three colors which show all the three armies. For the Red Army, for the deep blue navy and for the light blue air force. Similar to the flag, NCC uniform is also of three colors. Khaki uniforms wear cadets who take military training. Light blue uniforms wear cadets trained in AF.White uniforms wear cadets who take the Navy’s training.

History of NCC:

National Cadet Corps (NCC) was first introduced in Germany in 1866. It was established on 16th April, 1948 in India. It was made under the Indian Defense Act 1917. Its main objective is to tackle the shortage of soldiers through pre-trained youth in the emergency. The aim of the NCC is also to develop the ability to work character and work together in the youth. Apart from this, the NCC also develops leadership capability and a sense of service among the youth.

NCC was compulsory for five years

In the year 1948, its Girls division was also made, so that girls going to school and college also got a chance to compete. In 1950, the NCC’s Air Wing and the 1952 Naval Wing was made. NCC training was made mandatory in the year 1963 after the Indo-China war in 1962, but in 1968 it was once again voluntary. Like NDA and IMA, girls also have the freedom to join the NCC. They are also given training like boys. There is a separate regiment for women, which is called the Whole Time Lady Officer.

ncc girl

PM Modi is also NCC Cadet

Students of schools, colleges and universities are given basic military training voluntarily through the National Cadet Corps in India. During this, they also get training to run small arms. In the year 1948, when NCC was started, there were only 20 thousand cadets in it. Today there are about 13 lakh NCC cadets across the country. Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi has also been a NCC cadet.

pm modi as NCC cadet
childhood pic of Pm modi in NCC dress

Important role of NCC in Indo-Pak war of 1965 and 1971

The cadets of the NCC in the Indo-Pak war in 1965 and the 1971 war had worked as the second line of security within the country. NCC cadets had organized camps to help the country’s armament factories. NCC Helped in delivering arms to the war zone and they were also used like petrol parties. UP’s ‘NCC’ Directorate is one of the largest directives of the country, with 1.19 lakh cadets.

Benefits of NCC Cadets

1. NCC cadets are given priority in state and central government jobs.

2. People having NCC  A, B and C certificates, get additional points in the jobs.

3. The C certified cadet gets exemption to become an officer in the army through NDA and CDS.

4. C-cadet cadets do not have to take a written examination in the Short Service Commission (CDS).

5. In the Armed Forces and Paramilitary Forces, the C certificate holder is given special benefits in the job.

6. Many private companies and units also give NCC Certificate holder priority in the job.

7. Each year, NCC sends selected cadets overseas under the Youth Exchange Program that runs with 12 countries in South East Asia.

8. Every year selected cadets get the chance to join the Republic Day parade that takes place on Rajpath.

Other facts related to NCC

1. There are total 17 Directorate of NCC in the country. Everyone is depicted by lotus flowers on the NCC flag.

2. NCC was ranked third in the Republic Day parade competition in Delhi in 2017.

3. There are total 788 units of NCC in the country. Of them, 667 Army, 60 Navy and 61 Air Force.

ncc republic day

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