India & Israel Defence Ministry To Develop COVID Rapid Testing For Results In Less Than 30 Seconds

Israeli Defence Ministry, Indian scientists and DRDO are working together to develop COVID-19 rapid testing kit that could give results in under 30 seconds.

“In the coming weeks, Israel Foreign Ministry, Ministry of Defence and Ministry of Health will lead an unprecedented anti-Covid 19 cooperation between India and Israel,” the Israeli embassy informed.

Israeli embassy further said, “A special planned flight from Tel Aviv to New Delhi is set to carry a high ranking Ministry of Defence, R&D team which has been working with India’s chief scientist K. Vijay Raghavan and DRDO to develop rapid testing for Covid-19 in under 30 seconds.”

“The flight will also bring breakthrough emerging Israeli technologies for combating Covid-19, which have been donated by the Israel Foreign Ministry and private sector meant to bolster India’s response to the virus outbreak. Merging Israeli technology with Indian development and production capabilities aims to allow a swift resumption of normal life alongside the virus,” the Israeli embassy said.

Israeli ambassador to India, Ron Malka said, “I am proud to lead this Israeli delegation to India. It is at times like this that our friendship is tested, and the State of Israel is happy to lend a helping hand to India in this complicated and difficult time. I am confident that India and Israel can work together to find innovative and cheap solutions to help the world overcome this crisis.”

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