India sent 1300 Rohingyas to Bangladesh in this year

The central government has been keeping an eye on Rohingya Muslims for a long time. Many times it was advocated to take them out of the country, but Many people opposed this and challenged this in Supreme court within the country. Not only this, the international pressure on this matter was also very high. But by ignoring all these pressures, India has sent at least 1300 Rohingya Muslims to Bangladesh from India this year.

According to Inter-Sector Coordination Group (ISCG) spokesman N Bose, Rohingya Muslims arrival into Bangladesh has accelerated from 3rd Jan, 2019. According to the report, about 1300 people from 300 families have been sent to Bengaladesh from starting of this year so far. ISCG includes many UN agencies and other foreign humanitarian organizations in its group. It is being told that the people who came to Bangladesh crossing the border have been taken into custody by the police and sent to the cox market. Cox Market is a district of the South Bangladesh, where the world’s largest refugee camp is situated. Significantly, the police has sent seven Rohingya Muslims locked in jail of the Assam-Myanmar border on charges of illegally infiltration in India in 2012.

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Nearly seven lakhs Rohingyas have fled to save themselves from the brutality of Myanmar army violence. Almost 40,000 Rohingya refugees families have taken shelter in different parts of India. Less than 15 thousand refugees have been registered with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

Dozens of Rohingya were also deported from Saudi Arabia to Bangladesh last week. They were arrested for illegally using Bangladeshi passports to travel to the kingdom.

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