India set to receive first Rafale aircraft on September 20

India’s long wait for the French fighter aircraft Rafale is going to end now. India will get its first Rafale aircraft on 20 september. Defense Minister Rajnath Singh and Chief of the Air Force Chief Marshal BS Dhanoa will go to France to take delivery of the first Rafale fighter aircraft. Rafale is manufactured by French company Dassault Aviation. The company will hand over the first Rafale to India on 20th September. 

“In presence of the IAF Chief, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh will accept the aircraft in presence of various defence and civilian bureaucrats there,” IAF sources said in New Delhi.  

India has signed an agreement with France for 36 Rafale fighter jets at the total cost of 7.8 billion euro and these aircraft will start reaching India from May next year. 

Defense Minister Rajnath Singh and the IAF chief BS Dhanoa will receive this first fighter aircraft near Rafale’s production plant in France. Officials say that the Rafale which India is going to get is far more advanced than the Rafale in the French Air Force and that is why the aircraft will be used to train Indian pilots by May next year. These fighter aircraft have been designed according to India’s requirements, due to which their cost has also gone up.

Officials say Indian pilots have already received training on Rafale fighter Aircrafts of the French Air Force. Now the Indian Air Force will train 24 pilots in separate batches by the end of May next year to fly the Indian Rafale. It is believed that the Indian Air Force will deploy one squadron of Rafale at Ambala in Haryana and one squadron at Hashimara in West Bengal. A squadron consists of 18 fighter aircrafts.

Features of Rafale Aircraft:

Rafale can attack in Air to air, air to ground, being capable of attacking atom, can attack air missiles in air by flying at very low altitude . Not only this, the aircraft has oxygen generation system and does not need to be filled with liquid oxygen. This aircraft searches for the position of enemy in Real Time by making 3D mapping with an electronic scanning radar .

Apart from this, it can be able to  attack in every weather and it can detect the danger of long-distance in every weather.

Other features of the Rafael Airplane are as follows

1. It is capable of flying from 36 thousand feet to 50 thousand feet . Not only this, it reaches 50 thousand feet in 1 minute.

2 . This Can cover the range of 3700 km .

3 . Its speed is 1920 kmph.

4 . It is capable of flying from a very small runway of 1312 feet.

5. It has the capacity to carry 15,590 gallons of fuel

6. Rafale is able to carry air-to-air missile missiles.

7. Rafale can fly up to 2,000 nautical miles at a time.

8. Rafale is 0.82 feet higher than the US F-16.

9. Rafale is 0.79 feet more than the US F-16.

10. Its wings length is 10.90 meters, the height of the jet is 5.30 meters and its length is 15.30 meters.

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