India Sets Up Wellness Facility For 255 Indian Pilgrims Infected With CoronaVirus At Qom in Iran

At present, there are at least 276 such Indians who are currently abroad and are infected with the corona virus. Of which 255 people are in Iran only. 12 are in the UAE and 5 are in Italy. The government gave this information in the Lok Sabha on Wednesday.

Indian Embassy in Iran has set up a wellness facility to take care of & undertake 24/7 supervision of infected Indian pilgrims. Local Iranian health authorities have also cooperated with Indian Embassy to set up this wellness facility center. 255 Indian pilgrims have been tested positive for coronavirus in Iran.

The hygienic facility, surrounded by greenery, has ample space for the pilgrims to walk around. 2 full-time and 8 part-time Indian student volunteers are helping out dedicated Iranian medical personnel in the effort. All meals are being provided to the pilgrims by the Indian Embassy .

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