India to deploy Air Defence units closer to Border

There is a tension between India and Pakistan since the Pulwama terrorist attack in Jammu and Kashmir. In recent times the tension on the border may have been reduced but India still is not relying on Pakistan. By taking a big decision, the Indian Army has decided to move all its air defense units closer to the border. After Balakot air strikes, some of Pakistan’s aircrafts had come inside the border, and thats’s why Indian armed forces are careful.

In Jammu and Kashmir, the Indian Army has decided to take the Air Defense System closer to the border under a major exercise. This decision hastaken after a big meeting in the Army, where senior officers including Army Chief Bipin Rawat were present.

The air defense unit on the border reviewed in this meeting. It was revealed in the meeting that if in future again such situation arises like Balakot, then it can be used. All these units are now away from the border and are present at every stressful place.

Actually, when India had an airstroke in Balakot, the next day Pakistan sent many of its fighters to India. Fighter jets of Pakistan had also dropped some bombs near the Indian army’s place.However, no harm took place with this and India gave a brief answer to this attack.

When Jaish-e-Mohammed terrorist attacked the convoy of CRPF on February 14 in Jammu and Kashmir, 40 soldiers were martyred. In response to this, India had done airstrike in Balakot on February 26th.

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