India To Replace Old Wire Fence With New Smart Cut-Proof Fence At Border

The Indian government is planning to remove the old iron wire fence and replace it with a strong new fencing of steel wire fence to protect the country’s borders from enemies.

BSF sources said that the government is in the process of imposing more effective new cut-proof fencing on all its borders including the India-Pakistan border. According to sources, the government has also replaced the old fence with cut-proof fencing in many places.

The first pilot project of smart fence has been completed at India-Bangladesh border in Assam’s Silchar-Lathitila sector where an eight (7.18 Km) kilometers long smart fence has been installed. The cost of the news smart fence is Rs 2 crores/Kilometer.

According to BSF official, This smart fence can not be cut due to its strong design and it will help to stop the illegal immigrants from Bangladesh.

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