India to test-fire 3,500 kms range K-4 nuclear missile

DRDO is working fast on increasing the capability to attack with the Indian Navy submarine. In this sequence, the underwater K4 missile will be tested this weekend over the Bay of Bengal. This missile is capable of hitting 3500 km and can carry nuclear warheads with it. According to an ANI report, the missile will be tested with the help of an underwater platform near the Andhra Pradesh coast.

DRDO is developing this missile system for indigenous nuclear submarines of Arihant class. These submarines will be the main source of India’s nuclear attack capability.

According to information from government sources, “DRDO will test the K-4 nuclear missile from an underwater platform off the Visakhapatnam coast on Friday.” During the test, DRDO will test the modern and advanced system of missile launch.

The K-4 is one of two underwater submarine-fired missiles that are under development for the Indian Navy. Apart from this, another missile BO-5 with a strike range of more than 700 km is also being worked on.

According to ANI, at present it is not clear whether the DRDO will test the missile at full capacity i.e. 3500 km or will target the short-range target. However, NOTAM (Notice to Airmen) and maritime warning have already been issued by India for long range missile test.

The K-4 missile test was planned last month, but was later postponed. DRDO has also planned to test Agni-3 and BrahMos missiles in the coming few weeks. Government sources clarified that the K-4 will be tested with an underwater pontoon as the missile is still being prepared. It will be launched from the submarine once it is ready for deployment.

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