India Trolls China On Kashmir Issue

Pakistan’s attempt to get support for raising the Kashmir issue in the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) again failed on Wednesday. Except China, no other country supported Pakistan.

India also made it clear at the UNSC that in order to normalize bilateral relations, Pakistan would have to focus on some important issues. In fact, despite failing last time, Pakistan again tried to raise the Kashmir issue in the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) through China on Wednesday, But Other countries said that Kashmir is a bilateral issue of India and Pakistan and All other UNSC member countries opposed the China’s move.

Syed Akbaruddin, India’s permanent representative at the United Nations, said, “We once again saw that Pakistan tried to raise this issue, which was not supported by anyone. We are happy that the U.N. did not consider any unwarranted allegations of Pakistan in this matter worth discussing.”

After this, India’s permanent representative at the United Nations, Syed Akbaruddin trolled the China and Pakistan by tweeting the photo of Indian Flag at UN and wrote, ” Today UN…our flag is flying high. Those that launched a “False Flag” effort got a stinging response from our many friends….”

Syed Akbaruddin also trolled China by sharing a picture of chess board where he indicated China with black Zugzwang and said, ” Zugzwang – Any move that you make gets you into even more trouble. Here Black is in Zugzwang he has only one move.”

What is Zugzwang ?

Zugzwang is a situation found in chess wherein one player is put at a disadvantage situation such that If he makes any move then he will become significantly weaker.

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