India will manufacture 123 Hunter helicopter to tackle Chinese submarines

India has signed up to buy 24 MH-60 ‘Romeo’ anti-submarine helicopter from the US to strengthen its navy last week. Between the growing power of China on the sea, for more than a decade, India needs such a Hunter helicopter. The deal will be about $ 2 billion, but one particular thing about this deal is that India itself will build 123 anti-submarine helicopters.

Romeo is considered the most advanced anti submarine helicopter in America. Its target is perfect on submarines. Some other countries of the world also have anti-submarine helicopters, but considering China’s biggest challenge in the sea, American anti-submarine helicopter Romeo is believed to be great deal for India.

The MH 60 Romeo Sea-Hawk helicopter is included in the US Navy fleet. It is known as the world’s most advanced helicopter. According to experts, this helicopter can be operated with ships, warships and aircraft carriers. After seeing the China’s aggressive attitude to the Indian Ocean region, India has its urgent need.

Last week, India has made a deal to build a warship from Russia. Under this deal, Russia will build two warships in Goa with the help of India. With this, India has compromised Russia for the design, technology and other building materials of this warship. These warships will be equipped with state-of-the-art missiles. The construction of warships will begin in 2020 and the first ship will be ready for the launch in 2026, the second will be ready until 2027.

India is strongly pushing on transfer of technology. In the last several cases, India’s strategy has come up. Indian Railways have also proposed to Japan that they provide technology support to prepare bullet train coaches locally. Railways say that once the coach is prepared, It can build coaches and create the cheapest coach in the world at low cost.

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